Welcome to
Flower City Sportsmen
Rochester, NY

Flower City Sportsmen was founded 29 years ago, by a bunch of friends that loved to get together and do some serious fishing and on occasion simply hang out. Time has passed but the club has tried to retain that same structure and values. We love to fish and we love to simply hang out. Come down and visit us sometime and see for yourselves!

Learn, Teach
& Compete!

If you are interested in Bass fishing, no matter what your level is, come check us out. Boaters and non-boaters are welcomed.

1. 10 Tournament schedule
2. Team concept
3. Point system scoring for Angler of the Year
4. Most lakes fished within a 2 hour drive
5. Spring trip
6. FCS clothing can be purchased
7. Make friends and have FUN

Skaneateles Lake Winners

Geever Schwab & Guest

About Us
What truly sets Flower City Sportsmen apart from other tournament organizations is that we are more than tournaments, we are a club. Unlike other groups, we typically travel together. For two day tourneys we stay at the same campgrounds or hotels as a group. The basis of who we are and what we do are centered around having a good time. We are a low pressure group, you can fish all the tournaments, you can fish one, or anywhere in between. We welcome boaters and non-boaters, and any skill level. We pride ourselves on information sharing and teaching. We frequently have "unofficial "club functions throughout the year, it's a rare weekend during the open water season that members don't meet at one of the area lakes for a day of fishing. We do preseason tournaments for other species. Once the tournament season has ended several members get together on the weekend to fish trout and Salmon in area streams. During the "hard water " season several members meet to ice fish. Each spring we have a trip to southern waters to get an early start to the bass season. All of this is optional,  participate when you want, and if you choose not to, it's not a big deal. Finally, we give back every year by taking out a group of disabled veterans from the Canandaigua VA for a day of fishing on Honeoye Lake with several added perks for them along the way. If you are a die hard tournament angler that is looking to advance in tournament fishing, we probably aren't for you. If you are looking to have a good time, in a low pressure environment, and like the idea of competitive fishing and learning from a group of pretty good anglers, come check us out.




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